Bright Orange is the new Yellow! 3 Essential Colours to POP YOUR HORSE this Fall!

Bright Orange is the new Yellow! 3 Essential Colours to POP YOUR HORSE this Fall!


Bright Orange is the new Yellow! 3 Essential Colours to POP YOUR HORSE this Fall!

In my last blog, I showed some of my favourite accessories for your horse and yourself when riding on trails and on the roads as the nights close in. 

Whilst wearing HiViz clothing is not a legal requirement it certainly helps to reduce the chances of an accident as a result of delayed visibility.  It has recently been discovered that whilst Yellow has been the most popular  colour to date motorists are getting used to seeing it and are responding more to less natural colours. Guess what the 3 top colours are.....?

Today I want to talk about colour coordination! You may think this to be a bit of a fashionista extravagance but I am DEADLY serious here. Think racing and hunter trials- you want YOU  and YOUR horse to look like you are going to a rave in a field in the 90s!. Joking aside how you layer your HiViz accessory is really important to make sure it captures the attention of the driver or whoever needs to see you. If for example, you are wearing a yellow top with a yellow hi-viz band it will not be as dramatic as if worn against a darker background and preferably not green where it blends in.

Photo courtesy of Horse and Rider

Yellow and green are the number one seller but does it stand out against a hedge?

We also have to take into account that in the fall the fields and trees are turning yellow and orange so if you are wearing those colours you actually may blend in with your surroundings and not be seen clearly. Hence I say layering in not only about your clothing but your surroundings too.

It's clear to see who stands out from the herd here! Photo credit Equisafety

Caballo Design Majenta FARAH design 


1. PINK - PINK is fast becoming the NUMBER ONE colour and when worn with complimenting royal blue and another HiViz colour it really POP's.

2. BRIGHT ORANGE -  Another important consideration in hunting season. Make sure you coordinate with a strong splash of ORANGE to alert hunters that you are not a giant deer. BRIGHT ORANGE IS THE UNIVERSAL MESSAGE TO A HUNTER NOT TO SHOOT! You may laugh but the injury and fatality statistics are scarily higher than you might expect.

3. SILVER/GREY - Reflective grey/silver is the latest addition to the hi viz club and are great for wearing when riding in the dark as once a cars headlights shine, the product changes colour to match that of the reflective strips usually seen on fluorescent clothing.

Mixing colours together is the best way to cover your bases and really stand out!


Learn where to shop for Hi-Viz accessories and other uesful tips! with Horse and Rider.

Caballo Design has a great collection of TrailBlazer UV Moisture-Wicking base layers in Pink and Orange with striking coordinating colours that really stand out on both trails and on the road. It is in fact my personal favourite colour when riding as you may have seen if you follow Farah and my adventures on Instagram.



The new POP! Your Horse collection pays homage to the king of Pop Art Andy Warhol. We all know his colourful iconic screen prints of Marily Monroe and other iconic celebrities. I decided to create Andy Warhol colour blends to create my own POP Art horse designs that look just as cool as a casual street style top or loungewear as it does as a riding base layer. Wear it hiking or to the beach to make sure you really stand out from the herd!  

Andy Warhols Marilyn screen print.

POP yourself in the dark!  Even at the barn it's a good idea to be bright and visible to other riders. We all know how dark it gets in the winter especially searching for the arena light!


Check out the new TrailBlazer visibility clothing  designs and matching/complimenting accessories such as fanny packs and neck gaiters that can be worn as a roll neck and face mask as it gets colder. They are great for dusty days too! SHOP the new TrailBlazer Collection for Fall! 

For those interested in tips for riding out in hunting season I found some good tips from the North Carolina Horse Council but advise you to check your own state as the rules and reguations as well as months that allow hunting differ.

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