3  words for Autumn Accesorize Accesorize Accesorize! Be seen with these hi-viz jackets and rider accessories.

3 words for Autumn Accesorize Accesorize Accesorize! Be seen with these hi-viz jackets and rider accessories.

 Although I am an advocate for ALWAYS WEARING Hi Viz accessories day, night, winter, and summer others need a little persuading. For many of us, the long summer evenings will be drawing to an end so it's time to start looking into getting the latest Hi-Viz accessories to make sure you are seen on the road and trail.

I cannot understand some of the local cowboys near my barn in Los Angeles ride along the road at dusk and in the dark assuming all drivers can see them and are looking out for them.  I personally have come close to taking a few of them out, and I am driving slowly and looking out for them!

The truth is it is nearly impossible to see a horse and rider at night. Some make a feeble attempt and tie a light to their horse's tail but if someone is coming from the opposite direction they are invisible. 

Both horse and rider should be wearing Hi Viz reflectives and lights- front and back!

As it is still warm I suggest wearing a TrailBlazer base layer that is brightly colored WITH reflective accessories on your helmet, gloves, and body as well as putting reflectives such as boots on your horse and a flashing light martingale.

 Here are some of my favorites that look really great with Caballo Design. After all, we want to look fabulous as well as stay alive!

Head bands for your helmet are a must have! This is me wearing my Equisafety band. Check out their new collection! 

Equisafety colours and designs are my favourite especially the Charlotte Dujardin range. I designed several TrailBlazer base layers to team with their colours!

Visit Equisafety 

Farah in her matching leg wraps and bonnet by Equisafety.


Equisafety LED Rechargeable Breastplate - Pink

Horze also has a fantastic range of affordable refelctive  hi Viz wear for horse and rider. I personally prefer the Equisafety bonnet as it is more breathable but this one is good for the winter and especially rain and snow. Farah has this one too! 

Horze relectives are great over base layers in warmer climates as it gets darker. 

Flashing lights that attach to your boots are a greart idea as well. For those of you in the US I found this breast plate and fun LED tail lights on Amazon.com  that are really affordable and work well with a Western attire. 

As my horse bible HORSE AND HOUND so rightly say:

'High visibility or “hi viz” for horse riders is absolutely essential for any equestrian that leaves the confines of the arena. When you’re riding on the road, it’s so important to make sure you’re visible to other road users as without specialist hi viz clothing you can be left invisible in a variety of conditions.

Every extra second that you can give another road user to spot you and slow down, makes you that bit safer – it’s all about reducing the risk. Even when you’re not on the road, hi viz can still help others – such as dog walkers and cyclists – realise your presence sooner. You can choose between hi viz jackets, waistcoats, headbands, hat silks or gloves – in reality, the brighter you can make yourself, the better.'   Read FULL Article 


There really is NO excuse for anyone not to be safe and visible on the roads and on trail in the dark. I also highly recomend having relfective leg wraps at least on trail in the day as well. If you fall off your horse you want it to be visible if it runs away!

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