Launching the new Majestic Saddlebred Collection at the Santa Barbara National Horse Show

Launching the new Majestic Saddlebred Collection at the Santa Barbara National Horse Show


I had my very first outing to a horse show last week! Well OK, my first Saddlebred horse show watching classes for Saddleseat horse and Western Pleasure horse to be exact. My friend and trainer Erin Kennedy had been trying to get me to visit for months and I finally got it together to do the not entirely unpleasant drive up to Santa Barbara to visit the National Horse Show. Enjoy this video blog above of the day and then read what I learnt below.


I have to say that It was not what I was expecting having grown up attending the UK's major international showjumping and eventing horse shows since childhood. 

The Showbarn family is rather fun and fabulous with champagne popping in a friendly yet competitive world of beauty pageantry for horses. If you love horses then you are in luck. You get to see the most gorgeous specimens showing off their gaits with beautifully turned out riders beaming from on top of their steeds. It is really quite a spectacle and seeing Golden Glen Stables Saddlebred horses all shiny with their insanely long princess tails flowing behind them was a vision. 

These magnificent Saddlebreds really stand out in the horse show arena and love the attention. They really do seem to enjoy the applause and the gasps of admiration. It reminded me of my catwalk days in London as a model. So much fun getting primped and ready for literally 3 minutes of applause and adoration on the runway. Sadly as a model, we didn't get rosettes but I suppose the champagne was consolation enough. 

Caroline Boone on County Pleasure Champion Dragonette

It was the perfect place to launch my new Majestic Saddlebred Horse Collection of UV protective and Moisture-wicking sport tops and accesories. All designed my myself celebrating this beautiful breed and with the Champion Saddlebred horse Dragonette as my model and muse. Ill be talking about how I create my designs in my next blog so don't miss it!

Jayden Ray on My Golden Trinket with Erin wearing the new Majestic Saddlebred sports top.

3 things I learned about Saddleseat horses;

1. During a Saddleseat class you can make lots of noise when your rider passes you in the arena, in fact, you are encouraged! ( DO NOT do this in other classes or you will be given a very hard stare and whispered about the rest of the show!).

2. In the US you win BLUE ribbons for first prize, not RED like in the UK. This is actually quite useful if you come second and want to show off to your friends in England.

3. Saddlebred horses can be shown in multiple genres and disciplines and NOT just Saddleseat riding. Saddleseat is just a style of riding that can be done on other breeds such as Morgan horses and even Welsh ponies. As this is an American style of riding you probably won't get to see it anywhere else. 

Kids and Youth Saddlebred sports tops and hightops 


HUGE Congratulations Erin on your triumphant week at the show. Not only did the beautiful Jayden Ray win 2 red ribbons in the under 8-year-old  on My Golden Trinket- Leadline Equitation class but my horse Farah's BFF Dragonette won the Country Pleasure Championship with her owner Caroline Boone riding ( having been qualified by rider Marina Rosebrock) and of course, his most handsomeness Storm the Beach won the Open Western Pleasure and came second in the ASB Western Country Pleasure with owner Caroline Boone.

If you are interested in learning more about the American Saddlebred and its versatility as a horse I strongly encourage you to reach out to Erin Kennedy at Golden Glen Stables in Los Angeles, who I respect wholly as a kind and very knowledgeable trainer. She really is a credit to the breed and trainers and someone I trust my own horse with constantly. DON'T FORGET Folllow @Goldenglenstables on Instagram for all the show photos and latest news. 

For more infromation on this stunning breed of horse visit the American Saddlebred association website

Check out the NEW Majestic Saddlebred Horse Collection here!

 By Catalina Guirado  


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