Majestic Arabian Collection - The Perfect gifts for  Arabian Horse Lovers

Majestic Arabian Collection - The Perfect gifts for Arabian Horse Lovers



The Majestic Arabian Collection of apparel and lifestyle accessories fuses my passion for art and my personal obsession with the Arabian horse. Of course, I love all horses but I have to admit my love affair with the Arabian horse started as a young girl with many a school book margin filled with sketches of dish-faced, doe-eyed horses.

The idea for the Majestic Horse Collection came from using my own purebred Polish Arabian Farah as a design for one of the Sports Tops. Her dished face, flowing mane and extreme poise makes her the perfect model for creating beautiful designs. I wanted to celebrate her and her breed by creating a collection of fashion/art designs dedicated to the Arabian. Inspired by Hermes use of color and design in their scarf collections the idea is to create a beautiful textile design that fuses fashion and art. 

The Horse of Many Colours 

Inspired by the Arabian horse's versatility as a sport horse and its stregth of character, chivalry, nobility and pride. The Arabian horse is known for its love of human parternships often preffering human company than that of other horses.

Silk/Cotton blend scarf and Turquoise Sport Top

The Silk Scarf Collection is made to order in Europe and is of the finest quality Silk/Cotton blend. This horse of many colors silk /cotton blend is a limited edition 24 x 24 inch and is the perfect gift for an Arabian Horse lover with a choice of colors turquoise, pink, and mint. You can find the luxury scarves as well as riding face Gaitor scarves in Majestic Arabian Collection and the Scarf Collection

Another favorite is the elegant giant silk/cotton black and white print scarf which is perfect for the colder weather as a giant wrap or can be worn as a sarong in the summer. This design classic features the original 'Farah' design that runs through all the collections of Sports tops in varying colors in TrailBlazer and Sport Horse. This is the perfect gift for an Arabian horse lover or in fact any horse lover!

Magenta 'Farah' in the TrailBlazer Collection of UV protective and moisture-wicking sports tops that are high visibility for safety on trail and the road. 

Magenta 100% pure silk scarf.


STAY COOL LOOK COOL in this UV Protective SPF50 & Moisture-wicking sport top with wrap around Arabian horse design.

As far as breeds go I have found the bond between myself and my Arabian horse to be the strongest I have had with a horse. She is not only my partner she is truly my best friend. We spend every day together and aside from enjoying riding out on long trails, jumping and dressage in the arena we also enjoy simply hanging out and saying hello to other horses and humans in the barn family. 

For more Arabian horse gifts and special limited edition designs featuring the Arabian horse visit the Majestic Arabian Collection here.

Creator of Caballo Design and author Catalina Guirado with Farah 



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