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Farah & Gracie



Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Catalina Guirado and I am a British equestrian living in California. I've had a passion for horses my entire life and spent my youth galloping around with a particular passion for Cross-country and eventing in particular until I broke my nose a few too many times, and as I was a fashion model & television host my agent begged me to stop, and so I did until....

In 2008 I moved to Los Angeles and got my first horse here. A beautiful feisty chestnut quarter horse called Gracie. Knowing nothing about Western riding I rode her English though she refused to go in the arena and was happiest on trails becoming the queen of Griffith Park! Sadly she had to go to sleep at the grand age of 25 due to health issues in 2021. Somehow fate intervened and I found myself with my beautiful mare Farah, who is the Ambassador of Caballo Design  She is a pure bred Arabian, show name Billy Jean SW, but she prefers Farah meaning 'Joy' in Arabic.

I call myself an all-rounder equestrian as I am interested in all forms of horsemanship and feel each should be respected. Don't forget in England we don't ride 'English' we just ride. In my world, we are ALL HORSE LOVERS! Caballo Design embraces ALL riders of ALL races, sex, color, nationality, and styles of riding. My mantras for Caballo Desing that you will see on clothing are 'Horse of Many Colours', 'Stay Fearless', and 'Stand Out From The Herd'. These are not just horsey tag lines they are mantras for life.

My main focus is creating high-visibility protective designs for riding. The special fabric that the sports tops are made from is perfect for all outdoor sports or even loungewear. I use photographs of real horses that I am inspired by for my designs. I studied art and design and enjoy creating art-inspired fashion designs with a street vibe style that you can wear to the barn or for fun. I love to wear some of my tops with jeans and boots to go to eat or for a drink before or after being at the barn. Team with one of my luxury scarves and they won't even know you've been riding! I am inspired by the luxury labels that started as horse saddlery shops and my favorite artist Andy Warhol - I'm sure you can see the influence in my TrailBlazer Collection high visibility designs particularly. I add new designs every month and swap out others so become a 'Posh Pony Club' member and sign up for the news letters that will let you know whats new in the store and some special discount codes!

I love hearing your ideas and feedback on favorite pieces so please follow me on Instagram and Facebook if you want to get in touch. And, please sign up to join for the rewards program  follow my blog - 'The Posh Pony Club' where I share my favorite blog posts on everything from road safety and fashion to writing about my horsey adventures with Farah and friends!



Catalina XOX 


Gracie & Catalina