About Caballo Design

Farah & Gracie

I created Caballo Design for equestrians that love luxury fashion style.

With my background in textile design and fashion I wanted to create a custom design platform of street style sport riding wear that not only looks cool in the arena but increases rider visibility on the road or on trail as well as protecting the rider from the elements and being sustainably produced.

My Luxury custom design pieces allow every horse lover to have their own horse created into a signature equestrian design inspired by the luxury shops such as Hermés. What better way to honor your horses and remember them for life than as a beautiful design piece to wear. Each design is created by myself from the photograph you upload and is a labour of love. I take pride in creating the best work I can to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

All the designs in the  Caballo Design collections are created from photographing my horses Gracie (my chestnut fearless quarter horse that is the Caballo logo and inspiration for the brand motto 'Stay Fearless" and my beautiful purebred Arabian mare Farah (the inspiration for the Majestic Horse collection designs ).

Each item is personally sourced and tested by me, then made and printed on demand by my print partners factories closest to your location in the world. I try and choose recycled materials when possible and by making each item on demand saves in waste materials creating a more sustainable way to produce quality products.

Catalina XoX 

Gracie & Catalina